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4.9% tax, i wouldn't count on a raise. in fact, a lot of americans are simply going to lose their jobs. for the hollywood liberals and the real billionaires like warren buffett who want us to pay more taxes, even as their own lobbyists and attorneys, make sure they keep their exemptions and their special loopholes, please spare me the self-erving nonsense that you want everyone to pay a fair share, if the country called on me to stop evil and build a better future for my grandchildren or find a cure for dreaded diseases like cancer, alzheimer's or heck, even for male pattern baldness, i might say, sure, count me in. but that's not what's happening with the increase in the taxes that we're paying. it's just more spending on stuff we can't afford, and ultimately, it will be paid for by americans not yet born. since we're mostly borrowing the money that we spend. my wife and i spent some time
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during the christmas break visiting the sacred grounds of sacrifice for a real cause. on the normandy beaches of d-day we stood where americans, brits and canadians mounted the largest, most ambitious and bloodiest amphibious invasion in history. i stood on the deserted, quiet and peaceful omaha beach with a haunting memory on june 6th, 1944, the sand under my feet was red with the blood of americans or my father's generation, who if they survived the constant machine gunfire from nazi gun nests huddled against the seawall and eventually climbed those hills to liberate france and eventually save the world. as we participated in the flag lowering ceremony at end of the day in the american battlefield memorial ceremony at omaha beach, carefully lined crosses represented the thousands for whom sacrifice
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was much more than a percentage of their income, it was 100% of their own hopes, dreams, and lives. buried in france on land that americans proudly and respectfully oversee to preserve the dignity of their deaths. stuart robertson, a local histo historyion who spent the day with us, took us to where john steele parachuted as part of the airborne operation and whose parachute got caught on the stooim of the church, a scene immortalized in the scene in "the longest day". and we made our way to poland and visited the nazi death camps of auschwitz, where human beings were murdered in an attempt to annihilate the
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entire jewish population was sobering. to stop the holocaust and insanity behind it would be a noble thing, but we aren't being asked to sacrifice to make our country stronger, we're being asked to pay more to make it weaker, making us a nation no longer focused on stopping evil and building hope and faith for future generations, but simply spending money to give away for political paybacks and enriching the already privileged class at the very top and enslaving the dependent class at the very bottom. i'm inspired by what this country once did to stand for something. i'm just disgusted that we've now fallen for the lies and spinelessness of self-serving politicians. [applause] so my first guest is not one of those people about whom i've just spoken. he voted against the fiscal cliff deal because it did not include a serious plan for reducing our debt and he's
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also leading the effort to freeze pay for members of congress. joining me now, wisconsin congressman sean duffy. welcome. >> good to see you, governor. >> mike: you know, i want to say thank you and i admire you for having the courage to vote against the deal that you just didn't feel like was right. why did you vote against the fiscal cliff. >> thank goodness i didn't the show. i think you're right on though, governor, on balance, i mean, had good things able to lock in our tax rates and bring certainty to those, and avoided the dairy cliff and that was a good thing, but on balance we dependent cut spending and we're going to spend another 30 billion dollars in the next year and we have to get serious about spending reform and i think to your point, i mean, who are the real victims of this policy? it's not -- it's not anyone in this generation, it's a little kid, it's our preschoolers, kindergarteners and second graders, they're the ones that are going to inherit a lower standard of living from the
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fiscal irresponsibility of politicians today. we have to get our act together. and we borrow 43 cents of every dollar that we spend. and if you don't have politicians who are willing to stand up to the president, who has no interest in reforming the way we spend, his first proposal to us was to borrow, to tax 1.6 trillion dollars and then not reduce the deficit, but to add in another stimulus bill in 2013. he's a classic tax and spend liberal. one great hope left, it's the house of representatives, we can do it, but we have to get our act together. >> mike: the precursor that many of us see this vote being. the debt ceiling ahead. will the house say, look, we're not going to continue to let you borrow money if you have no intention of stopping run away spending? >> i'm going from my freshman to my sophomore year.
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i've been there two years, many of us thought that he would behave like bill clinton, once he lost big in the first off election year, 2010 he'd come to the center. he didn't do that. so now you see our house-- i was just there yesterday. they are more focused than ever to engage in this fight. whether it's going to be during the debt limit debate that's going to come in two months or we have a cr debate and the government is funded through the march of this year. to fund the government the rest of the year, have another opportunity for a spending fight. you're ready to have people who will engage the way they never have before to save this country. >> mike: one of the things you did sponsor was a piece of legislation that said you're going to freeze the pay for members of congress and a lot of people in america would say bravo. in fact, if you don't start reducing the deficit maybe should be a reduction in pay, there's just such strufgs that people are watching congress. people knew this was coming. everyone in washington now you
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had this deadline. nobody seemed to get serious about it until about midnight on the 31st of december. >> two points, simpson-bowles made the recommendation a three-year pay freeze for federal workers excluding our military. we did it for two, and i offered the bill to extend another year. and the house and the president came forward and by executive order had offered everyone a pay raise. and we dealt with that in the fiscal cliff. look at the deal how it was negotiated on the fiscal cliff, it was done at two o'clock in the morning on new year's eve. half of america was sleeping, the other half was in the bag and no one knew what was happening. that's not the way that good policies should work. because i think the president leisure to negotiate honestly, i think the speaker, a lot of americans are angry at him. i think he's done a good job. the speaker understands you can't put two, three, five guys in a room and negotiate.
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the house has to put, reduce spending and fixes the cr coming uppen and if we do it, america can see how it works and what our plans are, if the senate wants to come with us and the president as well. great resolve it, but if not we'll have another cliff on our hands. >> mike: will there be the possibility of a shutdown, at least of part of the government? nobody wants to see the entire government shut down and that's not something that anyone desires. but we don't want to continue to ignoring the reality of an economic disaster. >> i don't want to predict that, governor. i'll say that our commercial is more focused than ever, heartened than ever to make sure that we reduce spending. and the president doesn't have any interest in reforming. if he doesn't come to the table with us and negotiate with us, that's a possibility. if you took him at face value. the president says, listen, i want a bipartisan approach that's balanced. one where i give more revenue, right? and he does that in this deal
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and then wants to reduce spending. let's hope that's just not words. he's going to come to the tubl and negotiate it on his way and if he does, we can avoid the government shuttown and any more cliffs and put them on the balance where they have to pay for this responsibility. if i look at the last two years, i'm not going to hold my breath, it will be a challenge. >> mike: if you do, you'd be turning blue. >> that's right. the other day, when you were sworn in, speaker boehner was there. you have a lovely family. >> thank you. >> mike: and a lovely wife and six children and the speaker he's trying so diligently to talk to one of your daughters, who wants nothing to do with it. i wonder if she been talking to nancy pelosi or something? (laughter) >> watch this, she just says, no, i don't want any-- this is just priceless, stop, drop and roll. get away from this guy.
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(laughter) >> we have six kids and we want today take a nice picture. if you have kids it never works out that way and the speaker was great. listen, i think you're one of my congress members want to get away from me. it's surpriseless and one of the things i love about you most is your dedication to your family and the reason that you want to do go to congress because you realize if you don't stand for their future, they don't have one. so, i hope that you never lose that focus because quite frankly, all the politics in the world isn't worth losing a generation of americans which i fear we're going to do if we don't get our spending under control. congressman, great to have you here. >> always a pleasure, thank you. >> mike: congressman sean duffy of wisconsin. okay i'm going to ask you something. did you notice your paycheck was a little smaller this week? the president promised the middle class wouldn't get a tax increase, but they got one. fox business's network charlie gasperino will break it down for us when we return.
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♪ >> a couple of weeks ago i mentioned that across the nation americans are being asked to join on a day to play. sunday, january 20th, no invitation to a church or sin going, but to pray for our nation's leaders regardless of their party or yours. washington doesn't seem to be listening to us, maybe they'll listen to god. otherwise a link for information at the or go to a day to and join others who admit to pray for a day. he says when it comes to the fiscal cliff deal, the cure is worse than the disease. joining me now is fox business network senior correspondent
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charlie gasperino, good to have you back. [applause]. >> mike: you have talked about the fiscal cliff deal as basically stunting the growth of the economy. why? >> i mean, look at it this way and this is just one of the taxes that gets kicked in. president obama considers himself a progressive, particularly on the taxes, the more you make, the more you pay. he just instituted the most regressive tax you could think of. a payroll tax, hits every income category the tame and everybody is paying more taxes because of this deal. just on that basis, this is bad. i can't believe the republicans get him get away with it, i can't believe the press allowed president obama to tax people who make 50,000 a year, that's called regressive taxes. >> mike: 2% that have is a thousand dollars, uriyou can figure it uchl. and if you got a paycheck this week if you get a weekly program and next week, see if it's different. employees here at fox, they
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say whoa, it's lower than it was. >> and now beginning to take out social security tax, unaffected. so you get to understand how many taxes are taken out of your paycheck, even an average person, there's one of the demagogue, one of the biggest demagogues in this debate i believe has been big business. they came out and said everybody needs to pay more taxes. guess where the taxes hit the small businesses. >> yes. >> if you think that a small business making 400, 450 a year, they're employing people and to make the profit more begins they'll have to pay them off. they'll do it in the teeth of the economy looking they're doing better or staying on the same crumby plane, not getting worse. i think this is a really bad deal and the economy is going to suffer from this and i really think that the press needs to be taken to the wood shed on this, to be talking
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about small businesses who make $450,000 a year, to put them on the same plain as warren buffett is instain. >> mike: this last spending bill that congress just put through, there were subsidies and for companies like ge jp morgan chase like they need a subsidy, but they're getting it. >> that's part of the dog and pony show. and lloyd blank fine goes in front of the cameras and meets president obama and the president as far as he was concerned, willing to be serious about getting his hands around the budget deficit with this deal and jeff immelt, ge, same sort of stuff. guess what? never happened. there were props for president obama and basically in terms-- in exchange of being props they got tax subsidies. >> mike: the interesting thing was the dow jumped up 100 points after that so-called
5:17 pm
deal. and they've saying that the stock market reacted favorably. >> i'd say don't based the merit of the deal based on headlines. that's what stock traders do, almost like robots and by the way being some are robots, and basically you hit buttons and goes up. after the bank bailouts back in 2008 which i covered extensively. the market shot up short-term and then down to depression era level in march 2009 propped up by the fed. the markets are trading well with the fed right now, and the fed printing money, that's what traders like to see. they think it's going to inflate the economy and it probably does, i think in the long-term it hurts as well. >> so you don't see this as being a banner year for the economy. >> no, no, and i think you'll see more sort of stuff coming out of washington, if not good. i remembered the congressman, sounds like he's ripeening a fate. speaker boehner and eric
5:18 pm
cantor be careful with with this debate. this is more nuclear than the other one. if you're really serious about playing chicken with the president, give him a plan as to not, so we don't have to default on the debt. if we ever default and i tell you, barack obama may say let's just default. he may stick it to them. if that does happen, there's real long-term damage and make the financial crisis look like a day in the park. they should come to the table with a plan, 15 thints we do before we efault and in the meantime, we're going to negotiate hard with the president. >> mike: charles, great to have you. look forward to seeing you soon and thanks for all the the insight. charlie gasperino, fox business network. [applause] >> well, hollywood celebrities are advocating the banning of guns. plus, why one french actor who thinks he's taxed too much would rather live in red russia. it's all in the the quotes of
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the week when we return. (applause).
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>> we are less than a week into (applause) >> we are less than a week into the new year, but the noteables and quoteables are already starting to pour in. the tragic school shooting in newtown, connecticut last month ignited a national debate on gun control and brought a group of celebrities together for a public service announcement demanding a gun control plan. >> columbine. >> virginia tech. tucson. >> aurora. >> fort hood. >> newtown, newtown. >> newton. >> how many more? >> how many more? >> how many more colleges? >> how many more classrooms. >> a gun rights advocate noted a good amount of stars in that
5:22 pm
video had something in common. and reedited that clip to show the hypocrisy. >> newtown. >> newtown. >> how many more? >> how many more? >> how many more colleges? how many more classrooms? >> okay. i can understand like that. >> you don't have to say a whole lot. it's been pretty amazing that many people who believe that if we just somehow took firearms away from people who legam and responsibly care for them and take care of them, somehow we'd end the horrible crimes that none of us want. we never want to see them again, but we're not addressing so many of the other issues that factor in. issues like mental health, people having access to weapons who aren't stable and sane, and then the real reality that while you and i might be able to watch a hollywood movie with a lot of
5:23 pm
violence and not feel anywhere compelled to go and commit mass murder, a crazy person, a person who is mentally unbalanced, could be somehow influenced by that. i think what we're trying to say is that if we are really going to address the issue of violence, then it has to be all violence. more people last year in america, were murdered by a hammer than a rifle. maybe we should have some public service announcements about hammers. while our own president successfully led the effort to raise taxes on his definition of the rich, france's new socialist president pushed a 75% income tax rate for millionaires there. famous french actor gerard depardieu is not pleased. he vowed to leave his native homeland to avoid the tax hike. so where did he choose to move? russia. that's right, the former soviet union. on thursday, vladimir putin
5:24 pm
accepted depardu's citizenship application, and after hearing the great news the actor said and i quote, i love your country, russia, your people, your history, your writers, i love your culture, your way of thinking. my father was once a communist and listened to the radio in moscow, this is also part of my culture, that may be the irony here is that a country that tried socialism and found that it failed is now attracting the people who are in a country that is now trying socialism and it's failing. the tax rate in russia where depardu is going is 13%. not 75%. do you honestly think it was the culture of russia that persuaded depardieu to leave france for russia? have you ever been to russia in the winter? i think that 13% sounds better than 75%, even if minus 20 degrees doesn't sound as good
5:25 pm
as 50 degrees. there you go. hobby lobby, the craft store chain founded on christian beliefs appealed a part of obamacare that requires the company to offer employees insurance that covers day after abortion pills. the company lost the appeal and the ceo david green is facing a hefty fine over a million dollars a day if hobby lobby ignores obama's mandate. here is what david green says, it goes against the biblical principles upon which we run that company since day one. if we refuse to comply we could face 1.3 million dollars per day in government fines. it's sad when any, any branch of government, any department, agency of government would somehow believe that it has the power to dictate the limits of an individual or for at that matter a business's conscience, particularly when their conscious is formed from deeply held religious and
5:26 pm
spiritual convictions and beliefs. if we really come to the place place in america we're supposed to bow our knee to government rather than to god and our hearts. and hope the courts can make better sense of this than the government has. coming up when a pan handler asks you for money do you reach into your pocket or keep on walking. a woman 26 years ago, a hungry boy asked her for change. the choice she made made the difference. their story is going to inspire you to make a difference when we come back. you do not want to miss this. stay with us. setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. so i got my four-star hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ >> announcer: save big on car rentals too, from $12.95 a day. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm shannon bream. sources tell that president obama will nominate former
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senator chuck hagel for secretary of defense. some republicans object to his past calls for military cuts and what they see as weak support for israel. some gay rights groups also condemning hagel for comments he made in the past about a gay foreign diplomate. a hearing tomorrow for the suspect in the aurora colorado movie massacre, james holmes charged with killing 12 people and wounding 70 during a shooting spree in a suburban denver theater last july. and prosecutors will outline their case against holmes and a judge will decide whether to send the case to trial. i'm shannon bream now back to huckabee for all of your headlines, log on to, you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. >> mike: in 1986, she was walking to work in new york. she passed a 11-year-old boy maurice, said he was hungry and he asked her money to buy
5:30 pm
food. she kept walking and then she stopped and walked back to maurice and offered to take him to mcdonald's for a burger. they talked. his mom was on drugs, his dad in a street gang and laura new he needed more than a meal. and for the next four years, laura and maurice met every day for lunch and after 26 years, they consider each other families. and a remarkable book "the invisible thread", thank you so much. [applause] >> for being here, laura and maurice, this is one of the most touching and refreshing and inspiring stories i have read in a long time. the book is fantastic and i thought, if you made this up i wouldn't have believed it, but it's a true story. you walked by this kid just a few blocks from our studio here in new york. and he says i'd like some change, i'm hungry.
5:31 pm
and you walk on by. you turned around, why? why did you turn around? >> i turned around because what resonated with me, were the words i'm hungry. i'd never seen a 11-year-old panhandler before and so, i just couldn't believe he said those words. so i went back and i said to him, now what we'll go to mcdonald's, but you know, it's interesting, i think that our lives take us in directions and sometimes there are no accidents. you know, when i was 25 years old, my mother died when she was 47 at a very young age. she was my rock. and what comforted me throughout my entire adult life was the fact that she was this angel that overlooked me and watched over me and i absolutely believe that she knew that i needed something more in my life. and she knew that maurice needed someone to care for him and she brought us together. >> mike: you know, it's an amazing thing because you're
5:32 pm
talking about it from the standpoint of what maurice did for you, even though most of us in reading the story, wow, laura what you did for maurice, had she just given you a couple of bucks and said here kid, get something to eat, things would have been differently. >> if she'd given me a couple of bucks, get something to eat. my life would be different. i grew up with a bunch of drug addicts and drug dealers, i lived two blocks away from her and my whole environment was drug violence, drugs, violence, and chaos. and that's all i knew, but when i met laura, my whole life changed and it changed for the better. >> mike: did you have a hard time thinking this lady is actually going to take me to eat and she's going to walk in central park with me and take me to a place and buy me the first steak i've ever had in my life? what were you thinking as a 11-year-old boy in the same sweat pants that you know you where all the time because that's all you had. >> i thought that she was a
5:33 pm
god send. i thought that someone was looking over me to send me an angel and that's what i believe. i believe the lord sent me an angel when he sent me laura. >> mike: no question, as i read the story and it's just so compelling, laura, did you expect this to turn into a 26 year relationship? at what point did you realize this is not just me taking a kid out to lunch? >> well, you know i never could imagine that when we met that day that maurice would not only change my life, but i would change his life and that ultimately there would be such an incredible ripple effect to the point where his children today will never know from drugs and violence. never could have imagined it. >> mike: and maurice you're married and got how many children? >> seven children. >> mike: ranging from 6 to 21 years old. [applause]
5:34 pm
>> you have your own somebody contracting business. >> i have my own small subcontracting business and doing pretty well as far as life is concerned, and i just believe that love and happiness is the most pleasure you can get out of life and that's what i have. and i remember when laura took me to her sister's house and this is the point that my life had changed, you know, laura always asked me what was the greatest thing about her sister's house. it had a lawn and she had a back yard, a basement, everything was in it, all types of toys and things and we went bike riding, but the one thing that stood out to me was the table, that her sister had. her sister had a long table and we sat down and we ate and they shared love across that table with their family. >> you'd never seen that before, had you. >> i'd never seen this before. >> mike: had you ever had a meal with a family, with your parents. >> not on a table. >> mike: never? >> and the beauty about that
5:35 pm
is, from that point on, that was the first time i ever dreamed about doing anything in life and today, i have a small apartment in manhattan and i don't have a living room, i have a dining room with a long table. [applause] >> well, with seven kids you need a long table. maurice, there's a great story out of the book that was very touching and laura, you asked if you could help him have lunch at school. 'cause you know, that was something, the only meal you really got you wanted to have a lunch in a brown bag. explain why that mattered to you that it came in a brown bag? >> well, the reason why i believe that it came in a brown bag and mattered to me when i went to school, i'd often go to school and see all the kids come in with their lunch in their brown paper bag and for me, that-- i knew someone cared about them. and i knew someone loved them. they put that-- they put time in at that give them their lunch in a brown
5:36 pm
paper bag. so laura asked me one day that she said i will give you money or i can make you lunch. and i told her, listen, i really don't want your money. but if you can put my lunch in a brown paper bag, it would make a world of difference for me because someone would know, the kids know when i come to school someone cared about me. >> mike: laura what does it say to you, when he said that. >> it actually took my breath away. >> mike: and took mine hearing about it. >> took my breath away here i was and this 11-year-old kid was teaching me things, he taught me the definition of lunch in a brown paper bag. the bag is only brown paper what you put into it is something we all call love and he knew that he wanted lunch in a brown paper bag over money. >> mike: that's just. >> it is one of the most touching stories in e book. >> mike: the book is called, an invisible thread, where did
5:37 pm
the title come from. >> you know, it's an incredible story, i love the story because about a month before my co-author and i, alex, here today as well. we couldn't come up with a name. every name i came up with he didn't like and every naum he had i didn't like. and i had to duane reed and i used to like to go to the local card store. i never bought a card in duane reed and looking at the card, an old saying about an invisible thread, it connects those that are destined to meet and i opened up the card, it said i'm so happy you're in my life, and happy birthday. and i thought, oh, my god, that is exactly the relationship that maurice and i have. it's an invisible thread and i ran upstairs and called alex, oh, my god, i've got the name an invisible thread and what is so interesting, i've received so many e-mails from
5:38 pm
so many people saying i have this really special relationship with this person, but i've never known the definition of it and basically what you've done with your book is defined my relationship. we were meant to be in each or's lives. and it wasn't an invisible they had that connected us-- >> speaking of birthdays, at one of your birthdays. >> oh. >> maurice was there to offer a toast. it's very special. we have a little tape of it. let's watch. >> at that moment she saved my life 'cause i was going down the wrong road, the wrong hill, now, my mother, bless her soul, my brother died and my mother was on drugs at the time. and the lord sent me an angel. and my angel is laura and i'm so glad i'm here at your birthday. >> oh. [applause] >> is that the best toast ever? >> that's the best toast ever.
5:39 pm
>> and do you know that when he came to the party i said to him, oh, by the way, i said very few people are going to make toasts, but i'd love for you to make a toast and an hour later he made that toast. >> well, it was absolutely fantastic. you ought to be the head of the toast masters, you were so good at it maurice, a couple of things i want to mention, first of all, all of our audience members are going to get a copy of the book "an invisible thread". >> yes. >> they're going to love it it, if you have not yet read it, let me assure you it's worth getting at am soon or book stores, you need something to inspire you and make you feel good again and i promise you this book will just make you want to stand up and do something nice for people, which is part of what you're trying to do and it's a project you're involved in, i want you to quickly share with us, the share our strength no kid hungry, part of the profits from this book will go to that project. >> and i have to say i'm so
5:40 pm
exci excited about this partnership and blessed that we're able to give back to an organization that has for over 25 years been trying to end childhood hunger, you know, this organization was started by billy shore and his sister debby, 25 years ago and what they do, every day, is try to supply food for children at school as well as during the summer and i feel so-- we both feel so blessed that we're in a place in our lives now, that we can continue to give back, because you know, what we talk about in the book all the time, is how one simple gesture can make an enormous difference. how one act of kindness can change a person's life. >> mike: laura and maurice, god bless you. what a wonderful and needed the new year. thank you, god bless you, maurice, thank you. well, emotions can affect your judgment and could lead to self-destructive behavior.
5:41 pm
up next, life coach, how you can control them so you don't have to deal with the consequences of your bad ax bad actions. we'll be right back. ♪ ooh baby, looks like you need a little help there ♪ ♪ ooh baby, can i do for you today? ♪ [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. nly align has bifantis, a patented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. try align to help retain a balanced digestive system.
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>> we hear about it happening >> we hear about it happening time after time. high powered people with big egos acting on their emotions
5:44 pm
and making mistakes that derail their status or career and our next guest says making bad impulses aren't just people in power. he writes about it in "your killer emotions", toxic emotions urges and impulses that sabotage you. please welcome ken lindner. >> we've seen so many people, david petraeus, anthony weiner, bill clinton, people mo made very, very foolish decisions and these are smart, smart people, why do they do it? >> first of all, i've been counseling people over 30 years, governor to make great life choices and one thing i've learned is when you let your emotions, whether it's sadness, anger, resentment, or
5:45 pm
your urges overpower your best judgment, your reasoning processes, you can make self-sabotaging decisions. and david petraeus or eliot spitzer or any of the people you just mentioned, they did not consider the consequences of their acts. maybe if they had, they would not have done what they did. but they let those urges, their emotions, just sabotage them. >> mike: this isn't just about people who are celebrities or people in high places. >> not at all. >> mike: a lot of just people make foolish decisions based on their impulses and urges. >> we're a quick fix society and as i talk about in "your killer emotions" when we're angry, enraged, sad, when we feel hopeless we want a quick fix, something to make us feel better. often times the quick fix decisions are counter to what we really want in our lives and that is really, really destructive. >> so, what's the key?
5:46 pm
how do i control the feelings, the urges, the emotions, that can really trip you up and get you in a mess? >> well, in my book, there are seven steps, but let me give a few tips. one, first, you never want to make a life choice when you're angry. when you're stressed, when you're hurt. take some time, relax, think about it overnight. two, you always want to know what you want to get out of an interaction. out of a decision. every political figure needs to know what they want to keep whatever it is their agenda going, whatever it is, you need to know what you want. you need to also, as i said earlier, be consequence cognizant. think about either the most heinous consequences of your act, david petraeus you could lose your career, you risk your marriage, all of that. but also think about the very positive consequences of what
5:47 pm
you can do as well. that will lead you to make a great decision and being consequence cognizant when you talk about the heinous consequences, that will hopefully preclude you from making a destructive life voice. >> how is it to be accountable with other human beings, somebody who a checking off on the way we're reacting and doing, is that an important part of protecting ourselves? >> absolutely. but i really feel it's self-generated 67 self-generated. you need it identify there's a flaw going on that you've been making bad life choices, you take the cigarette, take the drink, go back to the bad girl or bad guy and push your emotional buttons in your family or the work place and you need to identify it and think about a better life choice which you can prepare before you actually have to make that life choice. so, hopefully you can visualize what it is you want to do and then act it out at crunch time. >> i hope it's something that
5:48 pm
people will take note of. they need to protect themselves and the best way to do it just not make a lot of emotional and snap decisions. thank you very much, great to have you here. >> it's a pleasure to be here. [applause] >> well, they have performed for popular musicians like jon bon jovi, ll cool j and entertained guests of fox news's biggest names. coming up next, you're going to love them. the east coast band is here today. [applause].
5:49 pm
5:50 pm
>> they are one of the premiere party bands on the east coast. they hav >> welcome-- well, they're one of the premier party band on the east coast, performed for billy joel and politicians like rudy guiliani and george pataki and bill o'reilly and sean hannity
5:51 pm
and features american idol's big mike lynch. please welcome the east coast band. great to have you guys here. [applause] >> all right. mike. you were on american idol, one of the finalists there. and was that whole experience surreal to be part of american idol. >> it was great, intense. you watch it so many years and to be in those shoes and be on that stage in front of simon and randy, it was crazy. >> mike: now you're with the east coast band. and linda is one long time producer for sean hannity's radio show and we've been trying to get linda on our show forever and ever. linda when you're not working with sean and radio, this is really what you want to be doing, isn't it. >> yeah, this is my dream. i love singing and east coast is like the greatest band and so lucky to be a part of it and sing with great people. >> mike: what are we going to do today. >> let's do a little knock on
5:52 pm
wood. >> and let's, okay. ♪ ♪ a good thing, that i got ♪ ♪ 'cause i was sure that surely lose a lot ♪ ♪ 'cause her love gets better, yeah and i know ♪ ♪ it's my thunder, lightning ♪ ♪ yeah, the way you love me, frightening ♪ ♪ i better knock, better knock, on wood baby, yeah ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ i'm not superstitious about you, come on ♪ ♪ but i can't take no chance ♪
5:53 pm
♪ and made it baby, a lover i'm in a trance ♪ ♪ 'cause your love is better ♪ ♪ than any love i know ♪ ♪ it's like thunder, lightning ♪ ♪ lightning, the way you love me is frightening ♪ ♪ i better knock, better knock on wood ♪ ♪ baby, ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ ♪ she says my love is cursed ♪ ♪ oh, baby, just one touch of
5:54 pm
her ♪ ♪ yeah, she's knowing me so much ♪ ♪ it's like thunder, well, lightning, yeah ♪ ♪ the way it is frightening ♪ ♪ i better knock, better knock, on wood, baby ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ i think i better knock, knock, knock on wood ♪ ♪ yeah, i better knock, on wood ♪ ♪ hey, i better knock, knock, knock on wood ♪ ♪ yeah, know what you do ♪ ♪ knock, knock, knock on wood ♪ ♪ oh, yeah, i got to knock on wood ♪ ♪ i better knock, knock, knock on wood ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, come on, little girl you don't know what you do to me ♪ ♪ i think i better knock,
5:55 pm
knock, knock on wood, yeah, i got to knock, on wood ♪ ♪ i said knock, knock, knock on wood ♪ ♪ you don't know what you would do to me ♪ (applause). >> all right. that's the east coast band. their website east coast you ought to book them for your party. we booked them for ours, look how it turned out, just wonderfully. hope you had a great week, happy new year everybody and until next time from new york, this is mike huckabee good night, and god bless. ♪ but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth!
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aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free. any time of year. ♪ nice sweater. thank you. ♪ and i wished it would just go away. [rock music playing] it was my adhd. and like many kids with adhd, i didn't outgrow it. one of the issues i had
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was not being able to focus. i would read and i would reread the same sentence. you'd read it over and over and over again. and then, five minutes later, i wouldn't know what i just read. it wasn't sticking with me. it wasn't sinking in. and that, to me, was really frustrating. as i got older, i was still having that issue. and that's when i knew i needed to talk to the doctor. announcer: if you were diagnosed with adhd as a kid, you might still have it. find out more. take a quiz at to help recognize the symptoms, like inattention, impulsivity, hyperactivity, then talk with your doctor. i take responsibility for my adhd. it's your adhd. own it. in a few short minutes we will
5:58 pm
talk about how the government is wasting your money. we will go two-miles under ground in the state of ohio and dig deep into a coal mine and see first hand how the obama administration war on coal is impacting many american families. first what does 2013 hold for conservatives and the republican party. what should be the gop agenda be for the new year. morning of america former drug czar bill bennett. welcome back. >> happy new year. how are you, sean? >> basic question. owe ma wins but the republicans stay in the house. what should they be thinking the republicans thinker the final stopgap against the obama administration. how should they see themselves. >> they are one of the major stopgaps. the other should be the american people. the founder said the last
5:59 pm
protection is the american people. >> but the american people vote ford obama. they voted for divided government really. >> a lot of them did. we have to argue people made a mistake and we have to understand why they are at risk and more at risk with this administration. you give up on the american people you give up. they may have been lulled into an acquiesce sense to obama and notoriety and fame. they are the ultimate. >> in america five years ago if i would have told you that states would vote for gay marriage, you probably wouldn't have believed it because 30 some odd states rejected it. legalizing marijuana for recreational use it has the co

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